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Stone Benchtop Tips

The team at Wide Bay Stone are dedicated to their craft and are passionate about ensuring all of the stone they supply and use for installations is of the highest quality and lasts for many years to come.
Most Popular Types Of Stone Benchtops:

  • Engineered stone benchtops are a popular choice for kitchens as they are attractive, low maintenance and practical.
  • Marble benchtops, splashbacks and backlit feature walls or panels deliver a stylish look.
  • Granite is an ideal stone for kitchen benchtops as it is stylish and durable with a variety of colour options.

Maintenance Tips For Stone Benchtops:

  • Clean up any liquid spillages or stains as quickly as possible using a damp cloth.
  • Remove stains by using warm soapy water and a damp cloth.
  • Use non-scratch sponges.
  • Avoid over-scrubbing in case it damages the surface of your benchtop.
  • For stubborn stains, a specialised crème cleanser may be suited but check with the manufacturer first.
  • To keep your benchtop looking in top condition, clean with a pH neutral, non-toxic, streak-free cleaning agent and wipe off with a microfibre cloth.

Things To Avoid:

  • Acid or alkaline cleaners
  • Extreme heat
  • Using the bench to prepare food without a chopping board in place to protect the bench
  • Scouring pads or sponges

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place hot oven dishes on my stone benchtop?
Although many types of stone are considered resistant to heat, the safest option to protect your stone benchtop would be to place any hot items on a heat pad.
Do I need a chopping board if I have a stone benchtop?
Most stone is quite durable; however, you would not want to cause any scratches to your stone benchtop. So, it is recommended that a chopping board is used to protect your stone benchtop from any damage.
How do I clean a stone benchtop?
Avoid any abrasive cleaners or acid or alkaline cleaners. Simply use warm soapy water and a damp cloth to wipe down your stone benchtop or to remove any food or liquid spillages.


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