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Perfect Edge Profiles

The team at Wide Bay Stone are dedicated to their craft and are passionate about ensuring all of the stone they supply and use for installations is of the highest quality. Quality materials including granite, natural marble and supernatural quartz are used for a variety of projects such as kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, bathroom and laundry benchtops and more.

There are a variety of edge profiles to choose from. Choosing the right edge profile to suit your design style is an important decision. If you’re not sure what will best suit your benchtop, our experienced staff will be happy to assist.

We provide a range of edge profiles including:


Aris Laminated

Aris Mitred

Pencil Round

Pencil Round Laminated

Pencil Round Metred

Mitred Apron

Our service areas includes Hervey Bay, Dundowran, Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and receive recommendations to suit your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best stone for kitchen, bathroom or laundry benchtop?
Engineered stone is perfectly suited for benchtops. With countless colours to suit every taste. No maintenance and suites most settings.
What size slab should we get?
If you are thinking of getting a larger size slab, you might be on to something. Larger slabs offer a variety of benefits. By using one large slab, you might find it more cost-effective as you can use the one slab for multiple uses. For example, the same slab can be used for the kitchen and bathroom benchtops. The economical aspect is helpful as it means less slabs are required overall. And this cost saving can mean you may be able to afford materials that may have been in a higher price category. If you are wanting an extra-long benchtop, a larger slab also means that you will enjoy a smooth surface without any joins.
How thick are the stone slabs?
Standards slabs of engineered stone and natural stone are around 20mm thick. Some stone comes in 12mm and 30mm.
How hard is it to install stone benchtops?
While some experienced craftspeople may have the skills and experience when it comes to DIY jobs, the installation of stone benchtops is generally better suited to qualified stonemasons and cabinetmakers who have years of experience behind them. A professional will be able to guide you in the selection of the most appropriate materials to suit your desired functionality or design requirements.


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